Coffee Catering

Ever since 2004, Executive Perks Coffee Catering has been perking up various events throughout Denver with our premier coffee catering services. Our mobile coffee carts come equipped with quality coffee and a variety of special ingredients to spice things up while still meeting your specific requirements. Add a unique flair to your party or other events in Denver by having Executive Perks bring your attendees the quality coffee services that they deserve.

Quality Coffee Catering

Our mobile coffee carts come equipped with quality coffee and multiple special ingredients to spice things up.

Variety of Options

Executive Perks does more than serve drinks. We also offer a variety of mobile food cart options for you to choose from.

Years Of Experience

For 15 years we have relied on "word of mouth" to build our business. And build the business it has!

Quality Denver Coffee Service for the Day of Your Event

When you contact Executive Perks to make us a part of your party or event in Denver, you know that you are getting a licensed and insured coffee catering service that will be ready to host a quality coffee, cappuccino, or latte bar. Our uniformed and professional barista bartenders are trained to provide your guests with all the drinks they request using our stocked mobile coffee cart. Our coffee carts come stocked with large 12-ounce cups to satisfy even the most fervent coffee drinker.

Kickstart Your Morning With Us!

We Can Perk up All Sorts of Events in Denver!

Our coffee carts are perfect for a variety of occasions, such as corporate events, conferences, and parties, as well as our ever-popular employee and teacher appreciation days in Denver. However, we aren’t limited to just those types of events. Our coffee carts can be added to any event that you feel will benefit from maintaining your guests’ energy with locally sourced, medium-dark blend Colombian organic coffee that was roasted in Denver. Call today to reserve our catering services!


Dependable Coffee Catering Services for Denver Venues

Our Denver catering services are always associated with quality, friendliness, and professionalism. We handle everything from start to finish, and we do it with a smile. We guarantee that every encounter you and your guests have with us will be thoroughly enjoyable. Along with our quality coffee, we also provide a sign-in sheet so that you can keep a copy of your event’s attendees. We can also prepare your name or your company’s name on a frame so that everyone knows who sponsored the cart!

Call for Our Catering Services in Denver!

When you are hosting an event or gathering in Denver that will house a number of thirsty and hungry guests, consider going the extra mile for them by offering the services of Executive Perks Coffee Catering. Depending on your needs, we can perk up the occasion by bringing along carts for coffee, breakfast, smoothies, and snacks. Call today and reserve one of our carts so your event in Denver can enjoy the perks of our fun and friendly service!